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Jan. 16, 17, 18, 23 & 24 - Addam's Family, The Musical


Jan. 25, 26 - Smoke on the Mountain - Auditions


Feb. 1, 2 - Renaissance Feaste - Singing Auditions


Addam's Family, The Musical -

Addam's Family, The Musical


OPEN AUDITIONS - LAKELAND THEATRE COMPANY 411 Mosby Avenue, Littleton, NC 27850 SUNDAY, January 25, 2:30 & MONDAY, January 26, 6:30.
“A hilarious, family-oriented musical set in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina in 1938, and described as "Wildly funny.... So well written that I found myself laughing, rooting for the family, and singing along and clapping with the rest of the audience." - The Trentonian CASTING multiple supporting roles (choir and disapproving ladies in amen corner) and SEVEN major roles: Mervin Oglethorpe Late 20’s; Enthusiastic/excitable young Pastor of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church; Sings “over” the Sanders frequently; plays basic “Rock of Ages” on piano, tambourine, and accordion. Burl Sanders Late 40’s to Early 50’s; Family “rock” – Gentle humor, leads much of the action - Father, Husband, Brother, and Head of The Sander’s Family Singers; Sings harmony and solos. Vera Sanders Mid 40’s – Early 50’s; Mother, Wife, and Sister-in-Law; Spreading her wings after being in the shadow of mother in law for years. Can play piano as part of the on-stage band; Sings harmony and solos. Stanley Sanders Late 40’s; Brother, Uncle; Recently returned to family from Hollywood after seeing “the error of his ways.” Sings some harmony and low solos. Dennis Sanders - 17; Twin son of Burl and Vera; Sings harmony and solos. Probably the quietest family members, but has his own strengths. Denise Sanders - 17; Twin daughter of Burl and Vera; Sings harmony and solos. Spunky, impressionable, ultimately good-hearted teenager. June Sanders 23; Oldest daughter of Burl and Vera; Does not necessarily sing; does bad sign language throughout show and plays instruments like triangle and woodblock. NOTE: “The Choir” offers a great opportunity to “try” stage fun with a minimum time commitment. SYNOPSIS: Pastor Oglethorpe, the young and enthusiastic minister of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, has enlisted the Traveling Sanders Family to bring his tiny, conservative congregation into "the modern world" by way of a Saturday Night Gospel Sing. Between songs, family members "witness" with a story about important events in their lives. One thing after another goes awry and they reveal their true - and hilariously imperfect - natures. By the evening's end, the Sanders Family wins over the congregation – and the audience - by revealing their weaknesses and allowing us to share in their triumphs. SMOKE on the MOUNTAIN features two dozen rousing bluegrass songs played and sung by the Sanders Family, and is now a permanent show in Branson, Missouri.. Show opens April 17 and runs two week-ends unless held over. (252) -586-3124 or (252) 578-5013 for further information -

Renaissance Feaste - Singing Auditions -

Renaissance Feaste - Singing Auditions


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